Auto Tune Up

There are a number of parts on a car or truck that could cause major damage if they fail, and a large number of these vital parts wear down over an extended amount of time. A good example of one of these parts is an engine timing belt. Belts become worn and cracked, and if a timing belt were to break while the vehicle was being driven, the damage could be bad enough to completely ruin an entire engine. In Utah & Idaho, car maintenance is unique based on our climate here of extreme weather conditions. Also, due to the ultra-dry climate in Utah, timing belts dry out and break. We’ll check it and advise you on repairs.

A tune-up begins with changing the spark plugs. Often this is all that is replaced on a “starting at price” from other repair shops. But many other engine components affect how well a vehicle runs and must be tested, inspected, or replaced based on their age, driving conditions, or wear. After inspection and testing we will quote itemized and individual prices based on which components actually need replacing.

Does something feel wrong?

Getting the most performance out of your car requires attentive care. That is exactly what we provide. Come visit us for a tune-up.

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Parts that may be checked or replaced during a Utah & Idaho Tune Up:

  1. Change the Spark Plugs
  2. Change the Fuel Filter
  3. Replace the Distributor Cap (if needed)
  4. Check spark plug wires (replace if needed)
  5. Check the belts (replace if needed)
  6. Check the battery
  7. Check oxygen sensors (replace if needed)
  8. Replace the air filter (if needed)
  9. Replace the PCV valve (if needed)
  10. Change the distributor rotor (older model vehicles)
  11. Check the Coil or Coil packs (replace if needed)
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