Regular brake component inspection is important to ensure your safety.

Muffler & Exhaust

We provide standard and custom exhaust replacement and upgrades.

Oil Change

Keep your car running at peak performance with our full service oil changes.


Boost handling and tire durability with regular alignments.

Tune Ups

Every vehicle should have a Tune Up every three years or 30,000 miles.

Engine Repair

We service any make or model and make sure we do quality work at a fair price.


We can take care of your Utah State Emissions testing.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters increase fuel efficiency and reduce toxic fumes.


Beat the summer heat with a tuned and charged A/C.


We offer services such as tire rotation, balance, and installation.

Auto Repair Reference Center

Many folks have an aversion to talking to mechanics. To lots of people, the language of a mechanic sounds incredibly foreign. However, at Master Muffler we believe in transparency. Please use the links above to learn more about how your vehicle functions and what repairs are needed to keep it running.

The Mission of Master Muffler

While mufflers are our roots, it’s been a long time since we’ve been just a muffler shop. In order to do our part to keep the people of South Salt Lake on the road, we needed to evolve and become a comprehensive auto repair shop. We’ve now been accomplishing that mission for over a decade. We provide a wide degree of auto services both above and under the hood. As such, we do services on a wide degree of vehicles, whether you are driving an American, European, or Asian model. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Ford or a Nissan, our skilled technicians can do the work necessary to keep your vehicle on the road.

In order to adequately service the people in South Salt Lake, Master Muffler works hard to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in auto technology. We make the process of being a state-of-the-art auto shop look routine. We use only top-notch diagnostic scanners that are compatible with nearly all onboard computers within different vehicles so that we can more efficiently find problems that a vehicle is having. This shortens the amount of time that your car needs to be in the shop.

Maintaining Your Freedom

To learn more about what our real philosophy is at Master Muffler South Salt Lake, please watch the video above. We believe it does a good job of showing what we’re about. To us, being a fixture in the community is the ultimate goal. We don’t want to be just another mechanic. We understand the importance that a person’s vehicle has in their life. We take great pride in being able to maintain the freedom of transportation for people in our community.