Are you thinking about buying a car in 2021? You’re not alone. Whether new or used, there are some makes and models that have proven themselves on the road, appealing to buyers year after year. The recent pandemic has strongly informed consumer trends over the past several months and among those trends is used and new car buying behavior. According to Insurify Insights, here are the top 10 most popular cars of any size in 2021 (all specs based on the newest 2021 models).

1. Ford F-Series Pickup

For truck lovers, Ford has always been a front-runner. Known for its towing capacity and reliability, the F-150 series is among the most popular truck series in the nation. The 2021 F-150 series features 6 models ranging from about $28,000 to $70,000+ MSRP. If you want a 4 wheel drive, all-weather vehicle you can trust, the F-150 isn’t a bad option. America tends to agree which is why it ranks number one on the list. 

2. Honda Accord

Honda cars are certainly built to last. They are also incredibly safe, almost always ranking near the top of the top safety picks list. The 2021 Honda Accord has 4 primary trims ranging from $24,000 to $28,000+ MSRP. As a solid 4-door sedan that will get you from point A to point B for many years to come, the Accord is a good pick. 

3. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic, much like the Honda Accord is a safe, reliable sedan. Every Honda Civic comes with a full suite of safety and driver-assist technologies as well as top safety features such as the collision mitigation braking system. Mingle that with 38 mpg highway and an affordable price and you’ve got yourself a great car. 

4. Nissan Altima

Any one of the 9 2021 Nissan Altima versions is performing quite well in the American market. The Altima is another vehicle that ranks very high on the list of top-safety picks and also touts good gas mileage and a nice, sleek look. Starting at around $24,350 MSRP, most people are considering this vehicle a great buy.

5. Toyota Corolla

Like Honda, Toyota is a name synonymous with family-friendly, trustworthy cars. The corolla is a smaller vehicle than its Camry cousin. With 31/40 mpg and up to 169 horsepower, this car packs a punch for a smaller vehicle. Starting at $20,025 MSRP, it is one of our most affordable options on the list. 

6. Chevrolet Silverado

Back to trucks, the Silverado is another American favorite. With a max tailoring capacity of over 13,000 lbs and a max payload of 2,800 lbs, the Silverado is a great option for some heavy-duty lifting. With 23/33 mpg, it doesn’t fare too poorly on the mileage either. 

7. Chevrolet Malibu

The Malibu, designed for comfort and performance is a popular choice among buyers for good reason. With a max horsepower of 250, it is far from gutless. Also, with 10 standard airbags and 36 mpg highway, the safety and fuel efficiency boxes are also checked. 

8. Chevrolet Impala

Yet another Chevy. Unfortunately, we may not be seeing much more of the Impala in future years. Chevrolet officially ceased its production in 2020 as the last vehicle rolled off the Detroit assembly plant. Despite its discontinuation, older models are still selling hot. 

9. Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is popular among those who want a truck but don’t want to instantly outgrow their garage. As a smaller truck model, the Tacoma offers performance at a smaller size and a lower cost than the Tundra. 

10. Honda CR-V

As the only compact SUV to make the list, the Honda SUV is selling very well this year. With 34 mpg highway and a relatively low base cost of $25,350 MSRP, the CR-V introduces a lot of the Honda sedan charm to a slightly larger frame. 

Whatever the Choice, We Can Handle the Repairs

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