Moving Your Vehicle

The last thing you’ll think about during a move is how you’re going to move your vehicle. While many people simply drive their vehicle (packed full with their belongings) to their destinations, others can’t and find it necessary to ship their vehicle. If you are planning on shipping your vehicle, whether across state lines or internationally, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Plan Ahead

It takes time and coordination to move a vehicle, so make sure that you plan ahead. Ideally, you should schedule your vehicle move at least 4 weeks before your plan on moving homes. With your mover, you will be able to schedule the date, time, and location that’ll work for you. 

Inspect Your Car

Make sure your car is fully inspected before you move it. This includes documenting your current mileage and any pre-existing damage (such as scratches, dents, etc.). It’s smart to have a written document and photo documentation of your car’s current condition. Your moving company should also have you fill out a condition report that both you and the movers will sign. This report will be your protection should any damage happen during the move. Have your car checked by a certified auto mechanic before you move so that you have a detailed record of its current condition. 

Get Insured

You should only work with a moving company that has the proper insurance to cover any damage or theft that could potentially happen during the move. Have a copy of the insurance policy sent to you so you can review it before you sign any documents. You may want to contact your individual insurance company to see if your policy covers moving a vehicle. 

Remove Personal Items

Before you sign your vehicle over to the mover, make sure that all personal items are removed. Any standard items that are left in your vehicle (such as your spare tire or jack) need to be tied down so that they will not move during transit. 

Delivery and Inspection

You’ll need to plan the delivery location as well. Make sure you pick up your vehicle during the day or in an area that is well lit so that you can fully inspect your car upon delivery. Make documentation of any damage that did not exist before the move. If there seem to be any lingering problems, immediately take your car to your auto mechanic to have it thoroughly inspected.