The Safest Cars on the Road

Safety All Year Round As we enjoy the beginning of the new year, many of us are likely contemplating whether this is the year or not that we’ll finally buy that new car that we’ve been longing to get. The old car has run admirably up till now, but it’s time to upgrade. There’s only one problem: how can we know whether or not the car we want is really the safest model we [...]

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Our Take on DIY Auto Repair

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands It’s a scenario that is as old as cars themselves: a vehicle in need of a car repair, hood open, out on the driveway; the man or woman of the house, sleeves rolled up, wrench in hand; a toolbox, a canister of car fluid, and a few oily rags on the ground nearby. For as long as we’ve had cars, we’ve been taking matters into our own hands. [...]

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Car emission basics

Our vehicles have emissions systems for a couple of important reasons- one is to reroute harmful fumes away from the passengers, and another is to clean the fumes as much as possible before they enter the atmosphere. When our vehicles are running, air and fuel are mixing in the engine, combusting and creating emissions. The fumes and heat can be dangerous if not treated properly, so we have emissions systems and emissions regulations for [...]

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Understanding Your Car Battery

There is probably no figure better associated with batteries, as a concept and as a product, than the little Energizer bunny that bangs on the bass drum as it waddles along. The slogan, forever tied to the mascot, was just as famous: “he keeps going and going…” What was the association that Energizer wanted the consumer to have with their batteries? That whatever was being powered by them would last longer and necessitate fewer [...]

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Flat Tires: The Safest Protocol in the Event of a Blowout

Nobody likes being stuck in one place and cars have given us multiple expressions to describe just how inconvenient the failure to progress can be. When we start out strong but lose momentum over time, we’re running out of gas; when we can’t seem to get away from our current situation, we’ve stalled; when we are hit with an unexpected setback, we’ve had a flat tire. It is the goal of our South Salt [...]

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Learning the Basics: Your Braking System

If you were to take a poll of 100 people, asking them what the most important system in a car is according to different metrics — safety of the passengers; getting passengers from point A to B; keeping passengers comfortable on long trips — you will likely hear many different answers. However, there is arguably one system that accomplishes all three of these systems as it makes a bid for being the most important [...]

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Don’t Sweat (or Forget) The Small Stuff

In the hustle and bustle of regular life, car repairs and maintenance can often fall out of regularity. A day in the life of an average driver doesn’t often leave one much chance to remember—let alone complete—housekeeping chores that fall out of the regular essentials like grocery shopping or taking the kids to soccer practice. In the monotonous, unimpeachable cadence of life—waking up, going to work, finding time for community or church responsibilities, spending [...]

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What Not To Do: Breaking Bad Driving Habits

Perhaps you’ve heard this old joke: “Everyone who drives faster than me is a maniac. Everyone who drives slower than me is an idiot.” With all the drivers out there (of every designation) fighting for space on choked and busy roads, who can afford to nurse bad driving habits? And yet, we all have them. One moment we are driving along, deep in thought about the office or a family drama, and the next [...]

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What Cars Are People Buying in 2021?

Are you thinking about buying a car in 2021? You’re not alone. Whether new or used, there are some makes and models that have proven themselves on the road, appealing to buyers year after year. The recent pandemic has strongly informed consumer trends over the past several months and among those trends is used and new car buying behavior. According to Insurify Insights, here are the top 10 most popular cars of any size [...]

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Emergency Essentials for the Utah Driver

Utah is the land of a thousand faces; everywhere one goes there are new things to discover and experiences to enjoy. With five national parks that look good in any season and tourist spots both natural and man-made to enjoy state-wide, there is always a reason to embark on a car trip. But thanks to the vastness of our state and the diversity of recreational pursuits, Utah drivers have had to learn to be [...]

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