Signs That Your Car Needs a New Muffler

Your car's muffler is an important part of its operation. If your muffler isn't working properly, it might lead to a variety of issues. A faulty muffler can result in exhaust back pressure, causing other parts of your automobile to be damaged to the point that it is no longer drivable. What Is a Muffler? Mufflers are used to muffle the sound produced by a vehicle's engine. Engines must produce a lot of power, [...]

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What Your Teen Should Know About Their Car

Is your teen heading off to college in the fall in their vehicle? Make sure they know enough about auto repair to keep it running smoothly while away from home. Auto Repair Every Teen Driver Should Know Before watching your college freshman drive off to their new adventure, bring their car in to South Salt Lake Master Muffler for a tuneup. If you or your teen have any questions about the car, it’s a [...]

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Can a Custom Muffler Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

Even if a vehicle is well-built by the manufacturer, there may be room for improvement. This is particularly true in terms of horsepower and torque. The manufacturer of your vehicle may have done an excellent job designing a safe and functional vehicle, but this does not necessarily imply that the exhaust system has been fully optimized. Installing custom exhaust systems is something that many car owners do.  Your engine's full potential can be unleashed [...]

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Tips for Transporting Your Car During a Move

Moving Your Vehicle The last thing you’ll think about during a move is how you’re going to move your vehicle. While many people simply drive their vehicle (packed full with their belongings) to their destinations, others can’t and find it necessary to ship their vehicle. If you are planning on shipping your vehicle, whether across state lines or internationally, here are a few things to keep in mind. Plan Ahead It takes time and [...]

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Check Engine Light Flashing? Here’s What to Do.

Many drivers don't know the difference between a continuously illuminated check engine light and one that's flashing. Unfortunately, a flashing engine light is a sign of a severe problem. Let's look at why your engine light might be flashing and what you should do about it. The First Rule​ First, let's talk about the blinking check engine light vs. a solid check engine light. A blinking check engine light tells you that something is [...]

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Vehicle Problems That Arise Because of a Lack of Preventative Maintenance

If you are among the estimated 1.4 billion drivers in the world chances are you have experienced some form of “car trouble” in your time. This could be worn brake pads, a shaky steering wheel, or maybe some inexplicable “bumping” from under the hood. No matter the quality in manufacturing, all parts that make up an automobile have a finite lifespan and will eventually need repairs or be replaced. That is why vehicles are [...]

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The Safest Cars on the Road

Safety All Year Round As we enjoy the beginning of the new year, many of us are likely contemplating whether this is the year or not that we’ll finally buy that new car that we’ve been longing to get. The old car has run admirably up till now, but it’s time to upgrade. There’s only one problem: how can we know whether or not the car we want is really the safest model we [...]

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Our Take on DIY Auto Repair

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands It’s a scenario that is as old as cars themselves: a vehicle in need of a car repair, hood open, out on the driveway; the man or woman of the house, sleeves rolled up, wrench in hand; a toolbox, a canister of car fluid, and a few oily rags on the ground nearby. For as long as we’ve had cars, we’ve been taking matters into our own hands. [...]

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Car emission basics

Our vehicles have emissions systems for a couple of important reasons- one is to reroute harmful fumes away from the passengers, and another is to clean the fumes as much as possible before they enter the atmosphere. When our vehicles are running, air and fuel are mixing in the engine, combusting and creating emissions. The fumes and heat can be dangerous if not treated properly, so we have emissions systems and emissions regulations for [...]

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Understanding Your Car Battery

There is probably no figure better associated with batteries, as a concept and as a product, than the little Energizer bunny that bangs on the bass drum as it waddles along. The slogan, forever tied to the mascot, was just as famous: “he keeps going and going…” What was the association that Energizer wanted the consumer to have with their batteries? That whatever was being powered by them would last longer and necessitate fewer [...]

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